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For information contact Virginia Ancestry:


Phone (703) 431-0630 or e-mail


How it works:


  • Select the number of hours of research services you wish to purchase for a family member or friend (10 hours is the minimum.)
  • Multiply the number of hours by $70 and add $20 surcharge.  Make check payable to Victor S. Dunn and mail to 43540 Clivedon Court, Ashburn, VA 20147.  (Note surcharge covers postage, supplies, library fees and will include up to 30 photocopies of documents.)
  • Virginia Ancestry will then send a certificate to the postal and/or e-mail address of your choice.
  • The person who receives the gift certificate will contact Vic at Virginia Ancestry to discuss the specifics of the research project and then provide details of known family history that he or she wishes to have researched.  Projects will be researched on a first come first served basis.
  • Virginia Ancestry will then complete the research project based on the number of hours purchased and provide a comprehensive report of research findings, sources consulted and suggestions for expanding future research as well as a detailed itemized listing of services performed on project.  Note research will generally be conducted at repositories within a 60 mile radius of my office in Ashburn, Virginia which includes all D.C. metro repositories, Northern Virginia counties, Eastern West Virginia counties and several Maryland counties.  Research in other repositories will be considered on a case by case basis.  Although every effort will be made to locate desired information, Virginia Ancestry can not guarantee positive research results due to record and/or time limitations.